The WSRT is pleased to announce the following speakers and topics for 2018

Thursday, April 12

 8:00a -  8:50a       Communicating with the Alzheimer Patient – Richard Fucillo, RT(R)(CT)

 8:50a – 09:10a      Break

 9:10a – 10:50 a     Emergency Medicine/Trauma – Helene Lhamon, MD

11:00a - 11:50a      Imaging to Improve Surgical Outcomes - John Hassapis, MD

12:00p -  1:30p      Students and Technologists - Lunch and Business Meeting

1:30p -  2:20p         CT Virtual Colonoscopy – Richard Fucillo, RT(R)(CT)

2:30p -  3:20p         Improving the Healthcare Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,                                                       Transgender and Queer Patients– Amanda Bolderston, RT(T), MSc, FCAMRT

Friday, April 13

8:00a -  8:50a         Aspire to Lead – Sam Yount, EMTP

9:00a – 9:50 a        The Importance of Peer Support During Times of Stress -

                               Chaplain Margie Jacobson

9:50a – 10:10a       Break

10:10a - 11:00a      Inside the NFL From A Radiology Standpoint - Anthony Anderson, RT(R),                                      CMS Imaging

11:10a – 12:00p    Dangers of Laundry Detergent Pods – Helen Murphy, M.Ed., RT(R) and Tony                                  Lopez, RT(R)

12:00p -  1:30p     Students and Technologists - Lunch and Business Meeting

1:30p -  2:20p       Multi System Trauma – Sam Yount, EMTP

2:30p -  3:20p        3D Extremity CT For Weight-bearing Studies– Darryl Sonenstein –                                                  Carestream

 Saturday, April 14

8:00a -  8:50a         Imaging the Brain and Criminal Mind – Richard Fucillo, RT(R)(CT)

9:00a – 9:50 a        Communication and Patient Care – J. Douglas Harrell, PT

9:50a – 10:10a       Break

10:10a - 11:00a      EQUIP and Beyond: Assuring Quality in Mammography Everyday -                                                   Kathleen M. Willison, RT(R)(M) -  VolparaSolutions, Inc.

11:10a – 12:00p     Let's Talk About....Death  - J Douglas Harrell, PT

12:00p -  1:00p      Students and Technologists - Lunch and Business Meeting

1:00p -  1:50p        Strange But True Research Technology – Anthony Anderson, RT(R),                                                 CMS Imaging

2:00p  - 2:50p        Non-Imaging Instrumentation:  It’s the little Things That Count –                                                    Kathy Thomas, MHA, R.T. (R)(N)(CT) ARRT